The basic purpose of psychotherapy is to understand ourselves and to acquire a satisfying quality of life. The therapeutic process can help individuals see themselves as complete human beings with both strong and weak points, in a clearer light. Its goal is to develop a healthy ego and to highlight each individual’s authentic self.

Purpose of Psychotherapy

Through psychotherapy, emotional and mental pain is alleviated; negative thoughts, difficult emotions and psychosomatic pain are eliminated. Through the therapeutic process, the authentic self unfolds naturally.

Another goal of therapy is to learn to have and maintain healthy interpersonal relationships. Good communication with yourself and others allows you to live with others with an open heart, understanding, and a quality of life. Many people are demanding and critical with themselves as well as with others. As a result, they struggle to live a satisfactory life within their environment. The goal is to develop safe relationships which are characterized by respect and kindness of self and others.

The Goals of Psychotherapy are:

  • To know yourself better
  • To obtain self-awareness
  • To decrease confusion and pain
  • To understand your psychological issues and what sets them off
  • To obtain more efficient ways of dealing with stress
  • To make peace with the past and to clarify what you want for the present and the future